BH SENS meets diverse requirements from independent aftermarket. We provide professional and quality solutions for the following demands:

● Replacement due to expiration of transmitter’s battery life

● Replacement due to TPMS damage during use

● Retrofit system for cars without TPMS

The United States began to implement mandatory installation regulations of TPMS in 2007 and the European Union started it in 2014, which has brought large business to American and European aftermarket. Furthermore, China begins to implement mandatory TPMS regulations, too. In China, from Jan 1, 2019, TPMS is mandatory for all new-certified M1 vehicles. From Jan 1, 2020, all vehicles under production must be installed with TPMS. China will become one of the most important aftermarkets of TPMS in the world, too.
As a global leader of TPMS,BH SENS will exceed your expectation through a series of distributing channels.

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