Blogbeitrag Maskottchen Bensho

BH SENS - Our mascot Bensho

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Panda-strong that you are stopping by here!    
I would like to take this great opportunity to introduce myself - Bensho - to you personally as an integral part of the large BH SENS family! 😊

Vorstellung Bensho

The most important key facts about me:
Well, first of all: My name "Bensho" is derived from the letters of our company name "BH SENS" and the Chinese word “Our Company”. It symbolises the cohesion of all our employees worldwide, because we are one big and diverse family.
As you can see, I am a magnificently cuddly panda bear. Although I am already big and strong, I am actually not that old yet. In fact, I was born in 2019, the year BH SENS was also founded as a joint venture between Baolong Group and Huf Group!

This is my everyday life as a panda: 
My favourite way to spend time is with the BH SENS family. No matter where I meet our great colleagues, we always have a lot to talk about and enjoy our time together to the fullest.

When I'm not at work, I like to slow down and grow my favourite food, delicious bamboo, myself in my garden. It still tastes best that way! Oh, and because I love nature so much, I always try to discover new great campsites with my e-caravan. I've already found two of my favourite campsites in Bretten and Shanghai, and I go there regularly to unwind and talk to other e-car enthusiasts. 🙌 

Of course, my orange e-flitzer also has to get its money's worth on a regular basis! This one, of course, also has one of our great TPMS systems installed. This makes me feel directly safer on the road and does something good for the environment. Did you know that BH SENS indirectly helps to reduce global fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions and to extend the service life of tyres?

I think that's totally great! 🤩

My favourite guiding principle   
There is one particular guiding principle that accompanies me through my life: "You can't overtake anyone if you follow in their footsteps:" This sentence carries so much truth in it - do you see it that way too?

It's not just me who follows this guiding principle, but actually my whole BH SENS family lives and works by this credo. That is why I am so ambitious and love to regularly look over the team's shoulder as they work and find solutions! There are also other strong guiding principles that our family hold as their values and motivate me to always give my best. You can read about what else drives our BH SENS family here!

What I wish for 
Ohh, where does a panda like me start? Well, admittedly, I would love to drive the Beijing Olympic Green Circuit or the Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit in Formula E one day. But those are very big wishes and I definitely like the small ones too: I want to meet people all over the world and talk to them about TPMS systems and e-mobility! I love meeting new people and making friends. That's why I now have an Instagram account. So I can keep in touch with all my friends on a regular basis. 🐼

Maybe you'd like to be friends with me too? Just add me under @bh_sens. I'm looking forward to meeting you!