Road safety

Safety for ourselves and for our families – with products from BH SENS.

Safety is a matter close to our hearts.

Our products increase road safety 
and help to reduce 
the number of traffic accidents.

The right tire pressure is important

Every year, there is evidence of road accidents that can be traced back to driving with incorrect tire pressure. This increases braking distances, reduces cornering stability and, in the worst case, can even cause tires to burst. 

With direct tire pressure monitoring systems from BH SENS, these dangers can be avoided. The occupants are actively warned in case of pressure deviations in the tires and can react accordingly. 
Your safety is close to our hearts. 

Sources: ADAC | Federal Statistical Office 2021 | Figures refer to Germany

Accidents due to tire defects

Fatalities attributable to tires

Our mission

With our tire pressure monitoring systems, we demonstrably increase vehicle safety. Every avoidable accident is one too many.

Avoid tire blowouts

Driving too long and too fast with underinflated tires drastically increases the risk of a blowout.          

Increased cornering stability

If the vehicle manufacturer's target pressure is maintained in the tire, the vehicle does not break out of curves as quickly.

Shorter braking distance

The right tire pressure ensures better braking values. In dangerous situations, every meter counts. 


We manufacture to the highest quality specifications for the automotive industry. Of course, we have all the necessary certificates and follow a zero-defect strategy.
When responsibility becomes the main thing. WE are BH SENS.