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BH SENS - Our pre-programmed RDE original replacement sensors - quality, simplicity and style combined!

OE quality | TPMS

As one of the world's largest suppliers of TPMS systems, we understand the importance of reliable and accurate tire pressure monitoring for your safety and the performance of your vehicle. Our pre-programmed tire pressure sensors for almost all vehicle models are of the usual original equipment quality and have been developed to meet these requirements. - Made in Germany. 

The characteristics of our sensor types with metal or rubber valve: 

1. quality according to manufacturer's specifications:    
We strictly adhere to specifications and quality standards to ensure that our TPMS systems perfectly fit your vehicle and offer reliable performance. 

2. directly usable - without programming: 
Our RDE tire pressure sensors are ready for immediate use and require no programming. Simply install them directly on the vehicle and teach them according to the manufacturer's specifications - done!  

3. flexible valve for maximum rim coverage:  
Equipped with a flexible valve, our sensors seamlessly adapt to different rim types and provide maximum coverage. 

4. long battery life thanks to patented technology: 
We are confident in our product quality and offer the longest warranty and highest battery life. 

5. easy assembly: 
The installation of our TPMS systems is child's play and does not require any elaborate expertise, thus reducing installation errors. Use the time you save for a relaxed drive.

Why choose BH SENS RDE tire pressure sensors for your vehicle?

Ein korrekter Reifendruck ist entscheidend für Ihre Sicherheit auf der Straße. Unsere RDKS-Systeme überwachen den Druck Ihrer Reifen und warnen Sie vor möglichen Problemen.

Ein optimaler Reifendruck trägt zur Effizienz und Leistung Ihres Fahrzeuges bei. Sparen Sie Kraftstoff und verlängern Sie die Lebensdauer Ihrer Reifen.


Choosing BH SENS tire pressure sensors means quality Made in Germany. Rely on us to make your drive safer and more efficient at the maximum speed allowed for the appropriate valve, while adding a stylish touch to your vehicle.

Visit our website today to learn more about our sensors and their availability for your vehicle model. We are proud to be part of your driving experience, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.