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BH SENS - What makes us different and our mission.

Mission | Values

About us        

As an independent joint venture, but with the 25 years of experience and tradition of the shareholders, we claim to be the world's leading manufacturer of tyre pressure monitoring systems. We develop TPMS for renowned car manufacturers in the passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-the-road markets and have subsidiaries in China, Germany and the USA.

We see ourselves as pioneers in the development of modern tyre pressure monitoring with direct measuring systems and attach great importance to the continuous maturation of our products. After all, it is our safety-promoting products that are the focus of our customers' attention.

It is important to us to ensure greater safety on the roads. In addition to the safety provided by our systems, it is also the values that distinguish our company and make it unique in our industry:


Our values are our drive      

We consider safety a matter of the heart.

Have you ever asked yourself why you do something? Here's a little tip: There is a wonderful way to find out what your true drive is in a project by using the 5 Why method.  

For our projects, this is a common process, and especially the issue of safety leads us to the fact that in the end it is always about people and their well-being. Of course, quality and performance are important indicators of the performance of our products, but at the end of the day, it is your safety and that of the people close to us that we really care about. We want to make the roads safer so that you can get to your destination safely.


We take responsibility for our environment.

This is a topic that cannot be ignored. That is why we have a specialised task force that deals solely with the topics of sustainability and resource conservation. We have already been able to identify many levers to act more sustainably and to handle our stocks more carefully. One very clear result of our work, for example, is our environmental calculators: here you can easily calculate how high your personal savings potential of fuel and CO₂ emissions is. It is amazing how many tonnes of CO₂ can also be saved through the use of TPMS systems alone.

We stand up for humanity and solidarity.

For us, there is much more to our products than their pure function.Rather, it is the idea of an agile, safe and healthy society that drives us to constantly improve our products.Our employee culture is also based on this philosophy:Mutual respect and appreciation are the currency of our BH SENS family, in which we support each other and also get involved locally.


We stand for quality without compromise.

When responsibility becomes the main thing, there can be no compromise. Your safety on the roads of our planet is close to our hearts, which is why we rely on the highest quality standards and constant innovation for the processing of our products. Every day anew, our own claim is not to receive a single complaint.


Our values strengthen our partnerships.

Good relationships always require a stable, trusting basis. Also in the business world. Our values always determine our actions and enable us to appear on the market as an agile and future-oriented partner. We greatly appreciate this feedback from our partners!


Our flexibility guarantees solutions.

A valuable experience, which probably almost every company has had to make in the course of economic, capacity and environmental changes, is that agility has to find its way into structures and processes more and more. Whereas a few years ago it was still said: "We have to adapt", this form of entrepreneurship has now become more of a "We can adapt! Progress, change and short decision-making processes with fast implementation are now an integral part of our work, and we love to lean into new challenges with a full thirst for action. Because one thing is clear: where there is a problem, there is always a solution.