• When responsibility becomes the main thing.   
    WE are BH SENS.

    For us, tire pressure monitoring systems are much more than just a traffic engineering product. 
    They are a statement that we have made it our business to take more responsibility. 
    Responsibility for a more sustainable future and for greater safety on roads worldwide. WE are BH SENS.


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    At six locations worldwide, our employees give their best and belong to one big family. Get to know us now.


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This is BH SENS

BH SENS was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between Baolong Group and Huf Group and has offices in China, Germany and the US. With over 600 employees, we are one of the pioneers in the development of modern tire pressure monitoring with direct measuring systems. More than 25 years ago, the parent companies started to develop the first electronic TPMS for well-known car manufacturers. BH SENS continues this tradition and meets the diverse requirements of customers in the passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-the-road markets.

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Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) can reduce a vehicle's fuel costs by up to 3%


Reduced fuel consumption cuts emissions of climate-damaging CO₂


The benefits of a TPMS ensure greater efficiency and minimize waste of resources


Lower consumption and less fuel consumption reduce the cost of your vehicle


Especially with battery-powered electric vehicles, the use of TPMS can make up valuable kilometers


The perfect air pressure ensures less wear and thus an increased service life

Potential savings of tons of CO₂ / year in Germany 
with the right tire pressure

With our tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), we help protect our environment.            

*Calculated using average values from 2022. Source: German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 2023. Valid for the German passenger car market


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    High quality direct measuring tire pressure monitoring systems are our passion. We are the right partner for your project.

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    Whether tractor, semitrailer or bus - we have the right solutions. Our systems are characterized by simple installation.

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    Difficult terrain and a demanding environment - our products handle even this challenge with ease.

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    BH SENS brings patented OE quality to the independent aftermarket.

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With direct tire pressure monitoring systems from BH SENS, you help act more sustainably.



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Our values

We stand up for humanity and solidarity.     
Mutual respect and appreciation is the motto of our BH SENS family, whose members support each other and engage locally.

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